From Hell to Paradise -

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From Hell to Paradise

The pianist Alice Sommer is a hundred seven years of age and lives in London. In her long life she experienced events of high importance, such as: World War First, The Inflation, World War Second, the Holocaust, the Liberation, Communism, Emigration, and the Construction of the State of Israel – life stations of a 20th century eyewitness and cosmopolite.
The music helped her to survive the ghetto of the Terezín (Theresienstadt) and to recover mentally and physically from the loss of her husband and of almost her entire family.
This documentary film is delivering the story of the holocaust through the eyes of an exceptional person and an outstanding pianist.

Director & Author        Michael Teutsch
Camera                       M. Teutsch; Klaus Kolbe
Sound                         Klaus Kolbe
Editor                          Peter Koehler
Colour Grading            Doro Keswon
Rerecording Engineer    Tom Geldhauser
Length                        73 Minutes
Master                         Digi Beta Pal 16:9
Original Language         German
English Subtitles           On Demand