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Here they call us Turks

Hardly noticed by the public and the officials, an increasing number of German emigrants are heading abroad – mainly to southern Europe.

Uncounted Germans are already there, more are expected to come. About one million of Germans live in the pleasant environments between Greece and the Algarve.
Siglinde von Kentzingen and Hayo von Kentzingen gave up their secure basis of living in Germany and took part in a worldwide migration. For ten years now they live on La Palma, one of the Canary Islands.

They consider themselves as foreigners who were not invited by the local people to live on their island.
This documentary tells the story of departure und arrival, vision and reality, and the beginning of a new career.
When Siglinde and Hayo settled on La Palma, they had quite dubious plans for their future.
They intended to breed a flock of sheep to make cheese from the milk, keep a handful of chicken for the morning eggs, and grow vegetables in a little green house. Siggi wanted to knit socks and Hayo wanted to write books. But things turned out in a different way:
For a friend Hayo restored a totally rotten Finca (old local farm house). The result was such that strangers asked him to restore for them rotten Fincas as well.
Business turned out to be a great success, their order books are packed with future projects and there is no leisure time for our couple. Sometimes they really have forgotten why they came here to this island: to calm down, contemplate and let the mind come at ease.
The German residents of the island consider Siggi and Hayo as outsiders, because they never attend German society meetings and beer drinking parties. Their friends are solely “Palmeros” as the native inhabitants are called.
Albeit quite a good turnover and a certain wealth the Palmeros achieved thanks to tourism; many of them want to have the island back for themselves.
“We are strangers here – quite a outlandish feeling –when the islanders say: ´all Germans simply are the same´, then we have the feeling a Turkish man could have in Germany”, Siggi sums up.
“Home is where we live, work and feel good”, both of them quote. “If one day will come, when we aren’t happy here anymore, we will go somewhere else. The world is round and we’ll find a nice place for us”.
“Time and again I started from the beginning”, quotes Hayo“, even at the age of seventy I would roll up my sleeves, stoop and build it all up again.

Script, Camera
& Director                    Michael Teutsch

Based on an idea by      Waltraud Haller-Teutsch
Sound                         Klaus Kolbe
Editing                        Stefanie Lehmann
Length                        45 Minutes
Master                        Digi Beta

© 2003 by Filmglas München Michael Teutsch