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For thirty years Michael Teutsch worked as DOP (German Society of Cinematographers) for feature films, for TV, industrial films, documentaries and commercials.
While filming in Africa with legendary Leni Riefenstahl, he suffered heavy injuries following a severe helicopter crash.
After his recovery he decided to create his own documentary films. However in most of his projects he is still doing the camera works himself.
He focuses on people and their unique life stories.


Michael Teutsch 


D.O.P. (Director of Photography ) BVK (German Society of Cinematographers)

Since 1970;

Author & Filmmaker since 1996.

Films produced, directed, written, camera by M. Teutsch:

Here they call us Turks (2001)

Siglinde and Hayo von Kentzingen gave up their secure basis of living in Germany and took part in a worldwide migration. For ten years now they live on La Palma, one of the Canary Islands.

They consider themselves as foreigners who were not invited by the local people to live on their island.
This documentary tells the story of departure und arrival, vision and reality, and the beginning of a new career.

Sound of Freedom (2003/2004)

Helmut Kolditz was a MIG 21 jet pilot and Wing Commander in the East German Air Force. His salary was well above the average, he was irreversible and indispensable.

After the German reunification he lost his rank, his position and salary.

Helmut Kolditz gives a profound insight of his life as a privileged officer in the Communist Air-Force: ideology, pride, sportsmanship, and gaining an intriguing, almost naive pleasure when flying his beautiful but lethal weapon, the MIG 21.

This documentary film tells us how the former jet-pilot and party secretary judges his life to day – sixteen years after the fall of the wall that had separated Germany for nearly thirty years.

From Hell to Paradise of Chopin saved me (2004/5)

The story of the eldest pianist and eldest Holocaust survivor of the world who died at the age of 110 in 2013.

Alice Sommer's view of her life is remarkable. This is a definite positive film, no oath of revenge is sworn, no bitterness from the past remains. She is a most exceptional person and an outstanding pianist. The pianist Alice Sommer is a hundred nine years of age and lives in London and is the eldest living pianist and eldest survivor of the holocaust.  She experienced events of high importance of the last century:
World War First, The Inflation, World War Second, the Holocaust, the Liberation, Communism, Emigration, and the Construction of the State of Israel – life stations of a 20th century eyewitness and cosmopolite.
  This documentary film discovers what makes this little old lady so unique, and how the spirit of music has shaped and inspired the life of Alice Sommer.
How the music helped her to survive the ghetto of the Terezín (Theresienstadt) and to recover mentally and physically from the loss of her husband and of almost her entire family.

At first I was called white boss (2009)

Frank made his way from Munich to Johannesburgh in 1960 and experienced wealth, fortune, loss and defeat after collaborating with the then forbidden black Unions. The Apartheid State of South Africa took all  the belongings of the millionaire.

After years of depression Frank found a new challenge that turned him optimistic again.

Café Ta'amon, King-George-Street, Jerusalem (2013)

Golda Meir drank coffee here and so did Shimon Peres. The Ta'amon is one of the oldest cafés in Jerusalem and it is world famous. It has been a meeting place for radical Leftist-political-activists, artists, politicians and the literati. Israel and its political development have been fervidly debated here – in the past as well as today. The café is history in a microcosm. Established in 1936, a Jewish family took it over again in the 60s. Together with Hamis, a Muslim, they cater for their guests day after day. The director precisely documents their everyday life. He shows the bistro, its owners and customers. He moves away from them to investigate stories and comes back again – to Ta'amon. A record of contemporary history. 

The Great Smile(2014)

The portrait of the renowned painter and sculpturer Antje Tesche-Mentzen


First Price at the „Wirtschaftsfilmtage(Economy Film Days) Bregenz “;

Award of Master   "Audiovisual Communication;"

Lente de Plata (Mexican Media Award);

1st price by audience for most popular film at Duisburg Filmweek, 2013;

Outstanding films as D.o.P.


Director:  Romuald Kamarkar;

Boatpeople aboard the Cap Anamur

Directors:  Imre Gyöngyössy; Barna Kabay;

My Life with the Great Pianists

Director:  Herbert Fell;

Leni Riefenstahl: Ein Traum von Afrika

Director:  Ray Müller;