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Sound of Freedom

Helmut K. was a MIG 21 jet pilot and Wing Commander in the East German Air Force. His salary was well above the average, he was irreversible and indispensable.

After the German reunification he lost his rank, his position and earnings.
With the money he and his wife had saved, he bought an Antonow II, world’s biggest flying double decker, without really knowing where this would lead him to.
Fifty miles south of Berlin, at Reinsdorf, he took on lease an airfield with a grass-runway, formally used by the Russians when the Iron Curtain separated East-Germany from West-Germany.
On his little airfield strip he started a charter flight business, and his wife and his son became Helmut´s reliable supporters.
Helmut nose-dived into capitalism like if it were an air battle, and nowadays private pilots from all over Germany are frequent visitors on the air field.

Helmut gives a profound insight of his life as a privileged officer in the Communist Air-Force about ideology, pride, sportsmanship, and gaining an intriguing, almost naive pleasure when flying his beautiful but lethal weapon, the MIG 21.
Last not least, Helmut gives a precise description of how his life was extremely distorted during and after the German Reunification.
This documentary film will tell how the former jet-pilot and party secretary judges life today – twenty years after the fall of the wall, which had separated Germany for nearly thirty years.

Directors       Michael Teutsch & Wolfgang Ettlich

Sound           Klaus Kolbe; Heinz Speckmeyer
Editing          Peter Köhler
Length          60 minutes; Color
Master          Digi Beta

© 2005 by filmglas münchen - Michael Teutsch