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Michael Teutsch
Curriculum Vitae

Interpreter & Foreign Correspondent;

Assistant Editor;
Cameraman Assistant;
D.O.P. (Director of Photography )
German Society of Cinematographers since 1970

Author & Filmmaker since 1996

Films produced and directed by M. Teutsch
Hunting the Deer/Trilogy (2000)
Here they call us the Turks (2001)
Sound of Freedom (2003/2004)
From Hell to Paradise or Chopin Saved Me (2005)
First I was just the white boss (2009)

Café Ta'amon, King-George-Street-Jerusalem (2013)


First price Duisburg filmweeks by audience for most popular film;

First Price at the „Wirtschaftsfilmtage Bregenz;“
Award of Master   "The Audiovisual Communication;"

Lente de Plata (Mexican Media Award)